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Making Every Voice Count

The publication of the 2015 Provincial Governance and Public Administration Performance Index provides a unique insight into the workings of Vietnam. Words by Dr. Pratibha Mehta ...

Railway Goes Suburban

A new railway service gives a much-needed nod to the commuter

Live to Dance

Every year Dancenter puts on a huge performance to showcase the work of its students. This year it’s called Imagine ...

The Bee Hive

Coworking spaces in Hanoi take on a new flavour

Hanoi’s Weatherdude

When you need a weather forecast in Hanoi, there’s only one place to turn ...

The Latin Underground

Salsa is not new to Vietnam — it’s been here for almost a decade. But now this much-loved dance form is huge. Words by Emily Petsko and Siân Kavanagh. Photos by Julie Vola and Rodney Hughes ...

Smartphones for the People

From iPhones to the cheapest Chinese UMIs, everyone seems to have a smartphone these days

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Who Owns Vietnamese Food?

It seems everyone wants a piece of Vietnamese cuisine these days

Vietnamese Food Isn't That Great

Lower your pitchforks and let Niko Savvas explain

28 Things Vietnamese People Love

Like every other country on this planet, Vietnam has its quirks — quirks that make this great nation unique. Here’s what Irish-born Kieran Crowe has noticed during his time living in Vietnam

The Chance to be Vietnamese

Citizenship of this country is a real possibility

Why You Probably Shouldn’t Bother Learning …

Unless you’re a lifer, Niko Savvas believes there are much more useful things you could be doing

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Burger Wars

Four expert judges battled lunchtime traffic, salad cravings and meat sweats to taste 10 burgers...

Falling Off the Wagon

It’s a common New Year’s resolution — go a month or so without drinking. Jon...

A Brief History of Beer Mythology

Through its history, beer has inspired many people to tell lies — including some about...

A Brief History of Bia Hoi

Considered the ultimate people’s beer, bia hoi started off as a concession to the shortages...

In Search of the Super Cave

Or, how Ed Weinberg went looking for Southeast Asia’s largest volcanic cave and got scraped...

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