From mafia den to a fast modernising district of Ho Chi Minh City, District 4 is changing fast. Words by Vu Ha Kim Vy. Photos by Mike Palumbo

British photographer Jon Sanwell goes beyond the clichéd images of Vietnam. Words by Edward Dalton

In 2015, in a market dominated by Canon and Nikon, 46 percent of all cameras sold were DSLRs, those large, mainly black digital cameras with big interchangeable lenses. And yet few of these DSLR owners will use or even have much knowledge of the legendary Leica, the German-built camera brand that changed the face of photography.

Making substantial, lasting change in our lives has several aspects. One key element is recognising bad habits and replacing them with new ones. Words by Nick Ross and Peter Scott

Is it easy to create and maintain a healthy diet in Vietnam? Three nutritionists give their views.

And change how you feel and look

And deal with those problems you need to resolve

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