From Farm to Market to Table. Photo by Kyle Phanroy

It’s just after 3am in Hoc Mon, an outlying district of Ho Chi Minh City. Mr. Ho and his wife are picking vegetables from their small, isolated farm on the edge of the city. Growing rau sach, vegetables cultivated without the use of chemicals, the daily routine starts with picking the water spinach and Vietnamese cabbage, before washing it down to prepare it for the market.

Cultural faux pas. Contrasting world views. Preconceived ideas. Here are all those things that people in Vietnam don’t understand about Westerners. Words by Kieran Crowe

The entrance to Mai Nha Orphanage in Thien Nghiep. Photo by Nick Ross

Mai Nha Orphanage in Central Vietnam is the first foreign-run and foreign-owned orphanage in Vietnam. Raising 20 children to adulthood, if it wasn’t for the determination of Marc and Marie Witlox, the project would never have got off the ground.

Richard McDonough

What do you get when you put together an experimental chef and a self-styled mood therapist? Something explosive. Words by Nick Ross. Photos by Vu Bao Khanh

Tat Wa Lay. Photo by Nick Ross

Written in response to the refugee crisis in Europe, when Ho Chi Minh City resident Tat Wa Lay posted about his own experience on Facebook, it went viral. 118,000 shares later, he tells his story

Fan Coral. Photo by Wesley Clayton

Vietnam’s coastline, but from another angle.

A typical Hanoi bus. Photo by Julie Vola

Taylor Edgar took on that challenge that all of us dream of. For one week he went everywhere in the capital by bus, with not even a xe om or taxi in sight. Almost. Here’s how he fared. Photos by Julie Vola

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